Christmas Eve

Even with presents all around the tree, the cats still manage to create a hole a wiggle their way behind it. It has turned out to be a prime napping spot. My cats have also been running around the house and really enjoying themselves. My parent’s house is quite a bit bigger than my apartment and they have definitely been taking advantage of that.

Nano in front of the Christmas tree.

Nano in front of the Christmas tree.

Widget is a Climber

Last year, Widget climbed pretty far up into the Christmas tree and this year was no different. I was on the couch this morning and found him about 5 feet up into the tree. He is always getting into everything…

Widget hanging out inside the Christmas tree

Widget hanging out inside the Christmas tree

Still Alive

It has been a while since I have posted anything. This is mainly due to my laziness and a healthy dosage of distracting video games. I am currently at my parent’s house for Christmas and have brought my two cats along with me. My parents have a Persian, named Bailey, and a Ragdoll, named Lacey. Overall, they get along quite well. Nano likes to play with the others, but sometimes Bailey doesn’t like him being so close. Lacey could care less of what is going on. Typical ragdoll.

Over the past few months, Widget has developed a new way of getting my attention while I am on the computer. He will lift himself on the side of my chair and tap on my shoulder with his paw. I recorded him doing this which you can view below.

I see the light

My cats often use my night stand as a way to get on my bed. I have a lamp on the night stand as well, and their tail usually finds its way in the lamp shade when they are walking. This makes me a little nervous because I don’t want their tail to get burned and I dont want them knocking over the lamp. Luckily, neither have happened. Today as I was in the hardware store to get some oil, I walked past the lighting section. They had newer model LED bulbs with different temperatures on display. I ended up purchasing a 3000K 60 Watt equivalent bulb. I figured this would be safer to put in the lamp in case the cats knock it over. I don’t have to worry about a fire (I hope*) or shattered glass. Incandescent bulbs are being phased out and I am not a fan of the CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs. I can sometimes see the flickering and I do not not like the warm up time. The faster LED bulbs become cheaper and more mainstream, the better.

*There is a heat sink on the base of the bulb that does get quite hot. Using an infrared thermometer, I measured the base to be 153.5 ºF at its hottest point.Bulb

Lets go for a dip

My cats stay pretty clean, but after a while, Widget gets a little smelly behind his ears. Maybe it is longer fur. So today I decided to give him a bath. This is the second bath I have ever given him and he has always been a bit squirmy. After donning myself with armor which consisted of a pair of blue jeans and a T-Shirt, I began filling the tub. I let the water get to the height of his belly and lowered him in. Surprisingly, he was fairly calm as I started pouring cup fulls of water on his back.  After a good shampooing, he was getting antsy and my time was clearly running out. He struggled a bit but never actually exposed his claws, and I thank him for that. After a rinse and some toweling off, it was time to go hide and lick himself. I await a fluff ball to come prancing out of the woodwork tonight.

Widget cleaning himself after a bath

Because you clearly didn’t get me clean enough.

Scabbards Everywhere

If you have cats with claws (and you should), you are very familiar with their claw sheaths they leave everywhere. You are very likely to find them around scratching posts. It is commonly thought that a cat is sharpening its claws on a scratching post. In a sense, this is partially true. What they are doing is removing old worn down layers to expose their freshly honed dagger nail. These sheaths are pretty small. They are about the size of the nail itself and are quite thin. But just how thin are they?

Using a digital caliper, I measured one of the sheaths I found. The thickness measured at .54mm. I’m glad my finger nails don’t fall off everywhere.

.54mm Seath Width

The Test Subjects

These are my two test subjects. They have gone through rigorous training and have passed all certifications required for being balls of fur.


Nothing beats warm blankets


 Cat: Nano
 Favorite Food: Royal Canin Urinary SO in gel
 Favorite Toy: Fuzzy fish stuffed with catnip with feathers on the end
 Favorite Sleeping Spot: On the window sill getting some nice rays







Widget lounging on the couch.


Cat: Widget
Favorite Food: Royal Canin Indoor 27
Favorite Toy: Red fuzzy ball stuffed with catnip with feathers
Favorite Sleeping Spot: Beside me in bed

Where to start…

Welcome to Crazy Cat Guy. As you may expect, I am that crazy cat guy. I have two orange cats of my own that are about a year and a half old. I have always had cats growing up and would like to share my experiences with my current cats with everyone else. You will find reviews, tips, and other cat like posts here in the future. Stay tuned…